On The Quiet Side

Trish Hatley

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Simply put, these are love songs done in jazz style with luscious arrangements. Trish Hatley's voice is sultry, agile, and intoxicating. This is Trish's favorite!

Phil Stout | MUSIC CHOICE If you’ve only heard the swinging side of Trish Hatley (Trish, Hans & Phil), this CD represents the vocalist at her romantic best. Simply put, these are love songs. Listen, and you’ll understand why Trish Hatley is a singer who deserves our new-found attention. She possesses not only a great voice, but the ability to take lyrics you’ve heard dozens of times and make a song sound new again. No doubt about it, that’s a rare and wonderful talent. And Trish Hatley’s has it!

Edward Blanco | CD Reviews: Trish Hatley, "On The Quiet Side" Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Part of an eclectic threesome group called Trish, Hans & Phil, for over fifteen years, vocalist Trish Hatley has been delivering swinging interpretations of the great American Songbook in the Northwest part of the country. A beautiful songbird from Anacortes, Washington, Hatley goes it alone here recording soft romantic standards with a delightful album of gentle jazz with "On The Quiet Side." With the assistance of producer John Caper, Jr., who gave birth to the concept, and keyboardist Darin Clendenin, this project came to be assembling a musical ensemble of ten players and a light string section to complete the background for one beautiful album of love songs.

I was immediately taken by perhaps the best rendition ever of Sergio Mendes’s classic "So Many Stars." Sung to the heart by Hatley, no one else has ever come close to Lani Hall’s original on the "Look Around" album from Brasil 66. Possessing the voice of angel, Hatley’s singing throughout provides the perfect texture in interpreting beautiful romantic loves songs with a jazzy twist.

Ivan Lins’s "I’m Not Alone" is just another winner among many on this disc as Hatley captures the emotions of his beautiful lyrics with grace. Billy Strayhorn’s "Lush Life" never sounded so sweet under this lady’s mesmerizing style accompanied quite well by Clendenin warm play. All is not softly taken though as she delivers a Brazilian slanted rendition of Dave Frishberg’s "Zanzibar" complete with nice instrumentals provided by the strings.

Hatley provides emotional versions of wonderful love songs like "You Don’t Know Me," and "Where Do You Start?" and finishes off an enchanting album with Lins’s "Love Dance," and the Brandt/Haymes standard, "That’s All."

For those who may not be familiar with Trish Hatley, I encourage you to sit back, relax, turn on "On The Quiet Side," turn up the volume and listen to a lovely voice and a jewel of an album. Well done Trish! I can hardly wait for your next release.

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