Trish Hatley &  Mark Kahny

Trish Hatley & Mark Kahny

Trish  & Mark

Look forward to seeing you in 

Palm Springs, CA 

Season 2024/2025

Trish & Mark, both sunseekers, winter in Palm Springs. Joyfully they discovered each other in the desert. They played Happy Hours at The Iconic Purple Room for a few years and loved singing 2-part vocals together.  Trish & Mark have the gift of blending their two music loves, Mark's for standards and Pop, and Trish's love for the Great American Songbook create a great blend of music.  With their strong individual vocals, Trish & Mark's duets up the game. Their sound is unique, beautiful, and fun!   A powerful duo... 

Please call for Private Parties or any other musical needs!  Trish 360-708-8238

Trish & Mark Entertain Winters in Palm Springs, CA